Healing NLP – Making Life Better!

Here your Licensed Trainer Kris Deva North revisits a few people who have used Healing NLP in their career, vocation, personal life – even childbirth!
From Actor to Engineer, Workshop Leader to Taoist Teacher, you can hear how Healing NLP Makes Life Better!

Healing NLP The Trainer

Kris Deva North shares how he started in NLP, how NLP began, and how he adapted it for healing, to understand what clients are really saying, to help them make the changes you want to Make Life Better.

The Workshop Leader

Ivana Saldana specialises in working with children, helping them with NLP techniques to get the edge in exam and audition situations. A former ballerina, Ivana retrained as a Shiatsu and NLP practitioner and runs workshops in London and Spain. She has helped students and professional dancers at the Central School of Ballet, the Royal Ballet School, the Conservatoire and other schools in Madrid.

The Actors Tale

Alex Reece uses techniques he mastered on NLP Practitioner Training to enhance his performance as an actor, and to get the edge at auditions (yes, Alex was picked out of 2000 to play the bleach blond haired assassin chasing 007 Daniel Craig in the Skyfall Heineken featurette commercial, ‘Crack the Case’ in 2012, a £10million production by Eon and MJZ.)

The Taoist Teacher

Anamarta uses NLP techniques to help make life better for hundreds of women all over the world with her Tao of Feminine Empowerment – the Jade Circle ® which she has shared on four continents and 12 countries, so far!

The Support Worker

David Hajducki uses NLP techniques to make life better for people with brain injuries. He is one of many practitioners in the caring professions to use Healing NLP as an additional resource to help themselves help others. After all, NLP began as a healing therapy in the first place and was so effective it was taken up by the business and sales people – which is how it is better known now. The truth is, NLP works the way you want it to!

The Master-Practitioner

Healing NLP Master-Practitioner Elena Alvarez used NLP techniques to manage the pain of childbirth just three months after completing her training. Now Elena runs her own Healing NLP practice in Edinburgh, where she lives with her partner Simon and their son Orion.

The Engineer’s Tale

Antonis is an engineer at a famous international corporation, where he uses NLP to confound the bureacracy and make life better at work. He finds the techniques also work for … flirting!
You can use the secrets of Healing NLP to Make Life Better in any way you like!

NLP The Business School GMAT Coach

Master-Practitioner Rowan Hand makes life better for GMAT business school applicants, coaching them in math and grammar and using NLP to help them in the interview process, and to meet any psychological or emotional challenges that might hold them back in what they are trying to learn. In this interview Rowan also opens up about how Healing NLP makes his life better helping overcome issues of fear and anger in his personal life. “It’s not about forgetting but learning how to file that information as learning experiences rather than traumatic experiences, which has helped me move forward in life and, basically, taken the shackles off.”

Healing NLP Practitioner Training London

People like you do NLP training for many reasons. Some become Practitioners, others like Kris become NLP Trainers, but many simply use NLP to enhance their career performance, improve their relationship, or simply Make Life Better for themselves and those they share with.