Kris Deva North

Your Questions About NLP

Is NLP only for people in the caring professions?

Everyone cares for someone in some way and NLP works just as well for business and personal or professional development. The techniques are the same: you choose how, when, where and with whom to apply them. Anyone who prefers our more reflective approach can benefit from the training, however you want to use it.

The qualification is the full NLP Practitioner or Master-Practitioner Certificate, accredited to the Society of NLP, and signed by Richard Bandler, John LaValle and Kris Deva North.

Why is the length of NLP Intensive Training shorter than those of some other NLP-style organisations?

NLP’s founder Richard Bandler encourages his Licensed Trainers to teach this dynamic system the same way he does – dynamically!! His question is “Why take longer? If you want to make more money then run more courses and train more people. NLP is stripping down to the essentials, without adding padding!

How does NLP Intensive Training apply to work as a physical therapist?

Understanding what the client is really saying and what they are not saying: the deep structure underlying the surface expression of their needs.

Is the course related in any way to hypnosis or psychotherapy?

Hypnotic or meditational techniques form an integral part of the training: both having similar effects in relaxing the client. NLP is used by some psychotherapists. Some NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners also have qualifications in psychotherapy.

Are there any exams or tests at the end of the course?

Assessment, feedback, help and encouragement are continuous throughout both Practitioner and Masters training.